• Mayor Tom Tate

Recycling key focus of Mayor Tate’s 2020-2024 Vision

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate will ramp up the city’s recycling efforts, if re-elected on March 28.

“We have 2300 parks across our city - most with basic rubbish disposal facilities,” he said.

“Around 110 have modern recycling facilities so visitors can sort their rubbish and place it in the most appropriate bin. Yet there are none of these south of Pratten Park here in Broadbeach.

“Over the next four years, I want to double the number of parks with these modern facilities, particularly in the southern end of our city. My annual Mayor Budget Listening Posts have confirmed that recycled bins are needed south of Burleigh. That will be my initial focus.”

The recycled facilities (red/yellow bins with signage and timber surrounds) cost around $2000 each, with Mayor Tate committing to keep his policy announcement “within budget”. Based on a maximum of $2000, a further 100 facilities would cost $200,000.

“We have a $1.7 billion city budget so I’m confident we can manage this without any rates pressure.

“On March 28, don’t risk our city’s future to someone with no experience.”

Since 2016, Mayor Tate has:

· Overseen the NaturallyGC program that engages more than 14,000 individuals across 900 eco-programs;

· Seen the city’s ‘canopy cover’ increase from 27pc to 32pc (between 2009 until last year);

· Expanded our city’s walking trails including providing 360 degree vision for some trails, to assist those with mobility issues to still enjoy a ‘nature experience’.

· Protected the city’s green space (a minimum of 51 percent of our city footprint will forever be protected as green or open space - under the City Plan);

· Started the Koala Fund - specific to purchasing koala habitat (first land purchase is due this year);

· Opened new recycling facilities at Reedy Creek and Helensvale (Recycle Street).

“I also make this 2020-2024 election commitment. That is, there will be no fee for residential dumping at our facilities under my leadership,” he said.

“I have the experience and confidence and I am delivering the certainty needed for this exciting new decade ahead.”