• Mayor Tom Tate

Mayor to double ‘blitz on hoons and grubs’

Mayor Tom Tate has today committed to doubling our City’s covert security cameras, if re-elected on March 28.

“Since 2012, we have boosted our city-wide security camera network from around 50 cameras, to 700,” he said.

“Our system is the best-of-the-best and is keeping our residents, and 13 million annual visitors, safe.

“Today, I announce a doubling of our mobile and hidden camera fleet. My target is the grubs who throw rubbish into our natural environment, and the hoons who think that doing burn-outs and terrorising neighbourhoods is a cheap thrill.

“We will strategically place these cameras where needed, and ensure the police have all the evidence needed to prosecute hoons, as well as council gathering evidence to fine those grubs who are illegally disposing of rubbish.”

The city’s 700-camera fleet includes around 200 mobile and covert cameras. Mobile cameras are visible on portable trailers whereas hidden cameras are designed specifically to be located out-of-sight.

“We have a range of camouflage cameras (around 30) and I will ask council to invest in the latest technology to detect, and expose, these grubs and hoons.

“Some devices are only a few thousand dollars but in recent financial years, we have prosecuted offenders and recovered in excess of $40,000 per annum in fines so it is money well spent.

“My commitment is to add at least 40 more covert cameras over the next term.”

Since 2012, Mayor Tate has:

  • Established a Mayoral Safer Suburbs forum;

  • Boosted the City's graffiti clean-up efforts, seeing a massive reduction in graffiti incidents;

  • Improved lighting throughout public places;

  • Increased personal safety awareness courses in our libraries; and

  • Created a specific App to allow residents to immediately report issues in their areas.