• Mayor Tom Tate

Local action to tackle local traffic congestion

Mayor Tom Tate has today launched a city-wide 'local action' plan to tackle road congestion. It is the first policy

launch of his 2020 re-election campaign.

"Traffic congestion is the No 1 priority for people. Through the many budget forums I've hosted in the past four

years, I've heard it first-hand.

"And I have responded with record transport spending in our past three budgets as well as setting aside $544

million for the next four years (2020-2024). But there is always more to do.

"Today, I announce a city-wide 'call-to-action' where local residents can name their worst local bottleneck, or

traffic issue.

"If re-elected, I will take these ‘local solutions’ to Council. Many may already be planned for in our four-year

forward works schedule. But for those that aren’t already listed, we can give them full consideration.

“This is an opportunity for every mum, dad, tradie, school teacher or courier driver to tell me first-hand what local

traffic solutions are out there.”

Mayor Tate visited Hope Island (Santa Barbara Road) where a 100m long road duplication in 2017 significantly

reduced vehicle queuing times. The duplication was part of a broader $2.2 million redesign of the footpaths and

stormwater connections in the area.

“Vehicles are now moving through here with a maximum 60 second wait time, compared to eight minutes before

the duplication.

"My call-to-action will ask every motorist, and resident, to name their local bottleneck or traffic issue. They can do

this today through my website - mayortomtate.com.au/contact

Residents simply need to go to mayortomtate.com.au/contact, list their details, and provide a basic description of

the issue, as well as relevant street location/details. Residents can also provide feedback through the Mayor's

Facebook at facebook.com/MayorTomTate.

Mayor Tate said if re-elected, he would present the Local Action report to incoming councillors, and Full Council.

“Some hotspots may have already been identified by our City officers but I have held annual Listening Posts for

the last eight council budgets. This is another way that residents can have their say.

"As Mayor, I offer all Gold Coasters the experience, and certainty, needed to get the job done.''

Mayor Tate said some opponents had incorrectly claimed Council - and the Mayor - were not listening to

community concerns. Here are some facts:

Since 2016 alone, I have:

- Held more than 130 community consultations specific to our City Budget (that's 30 Listening Posts)

annually. These posts have attracted 88,530 comments from the community.

- In 2016, I established our City Panel which is a 24/7 on-line portal for the community to comment on any

project or initiative. That Panel has attracted 29,190 registered users who help shape our city.

- A great example is the current consultation on the City Plan. This is the biggest consultation process ever

undertaken. Phase One ran for 31 business days; had 924 people attend with 14 face-to-face sessions;

attracted 14,500 visits to our website and we reached 267,514 people via Facebook. As a result, 11 of 34

items in the City Plan amendments have been modified and we are now seeking further community input.

- When it comes to the annual Budget, I run my own Listening Posts right across the city so I get to hear

firsthand what the issues are. Previous administration never did this.