Since 2012, this city has experienced incredible population growth. Populists can talk 'population caps' all they like. The fact is: people want to come and live here, they have a right to, and they are. We can’t, and shouldn’t, discourage growth.


​Our challenge is to balance growth with retaining our lifestyle and protecting the environment.


We have:

  • 2300 parks and playgrounds;

  • 13,000 hectares of green and open space;

  • more waterways than Venice;

  • the majestic hinterland as our backdrop; and

  • 52km of world-class beaches.


Council has also approved the retention - and preservation - of at least 51 percent of our City's overall footprint as 'green or open space'. So 51 percent as a MINIMUM will be preserved forever. That's considerably more than other key Australian cities. It is all about balance.


Watch out for my new environmental initiatives during the next few weeks.

A vote for Tom Tate on March 28 will ensure responsible support for our green spaces and natural environment.